A'CHRON Canada global agent system fulfill health and skincare in all directions.

    Skin care leader A'CHRON, is renowned of natural aromatherapy joint with high-end biomedical, affiliated to Essence Canada Corp. a global material supplier, with numbers of national develop future technologies, we lead global skin care markets and became international brands' loyal partner.

    Essence Canada inherits biomedical confidentials after World War II, innovates many high-end technologies research, and dedicates to the society gengerously, became foreign governments' and business' cooperative enterprise.

    A'CHRON devotes to the market fully while acquiring other skin care brand and resources. It's our call to serve and share true skin care health. A'CHRON global agent system, improves professional knowledge and service with our heart.

【Regional Agent】From City > Region > State/Province > Country as system unit

【Chain Agent】Commercial identical, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Wholesale, etc. 

【Brand Agent】Authorized trademarks to Salon, Aromatherapy, Education, etc. 

【Store Agent】Private business Retail, Stores, E-stores, Salon as system units

【A'CHRON】Guarantee Certified Materials

Natural essential extracts from five continents selected plants. Pure Aromatherapy essence joint dermatal formula, perfectly improves skin health. Essence Canada monitors every single procedure with dust-free high-tech environment.

【A'CHRON】Commitment Product Quality 

Cosmetic emulsifier free, cosmetic preservatives free, major natural ingredients are A'CHRON product standard. Our biomedical team shares confidential formula and become skin carethe leading indicator.